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The hydrotherapy pool at The Canberra Hospital shouldn't be shut down until a southside replacement is found.

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Is $100,000+ for a "light rail launch party" a good use of your taxes?

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Why do so many ACT Government staff fear retribution when they raise concerns?

"Correctional officers fearing retribution from senior management have sent anonymous correspondence to The Canberra Times about the increasingly volatile atmosphere within the jail."

Quick survey: who did you vote for in the last Election?

Quick survey: who did you vote for in the last Election?

Chief Minister must strop the crippling commercial rates regime

Chief Minister Andrew Barr must stop the crippling commercial rates regime which an Assembly committee has found is hurting businesses across Canberra, Leader of the Canberra Liberals Alistair Coe said. A Public Accounts Committee report on commercial rates was handed down in the Legislative Assembly today. The committee identified numerous shortcomings in the government’s rating […] Read More

Labor and Greens gag debate on development application processing delays

Once again, Labor and the Greens have joined forces to gag debate on an important matter of community concern, Shadow Planning Minister Mark Parton said. Following numerous phone calls, emails and personal approaches complaining about lengthy delays in processing development applications, Mr Parton today moved a motion calling for more resources to assist with the […] Read More

Liberals demand better support for our police

After years of starving Canberra’s police force of resources and frontline officers, the Labor Government needs to demonstrate greater support for ACT Policing in the upcoming ACT Budget, Shadow Police Minister Giulia Jones said. Today in the ACT Legislative Assembly, Mrs Jones will move a motion calling on the ACT Government to restore police funding […] Read More