A Better Disability Package

Because of a lack of suitable programs in the ACT, residents with an acquired injury must currently travel to Sydney to access this service. This is a long running problem that has been ignored by the Labor-Greens Government for far too long, and it is just one of the problems facing many Canberrans living with a disability.

The first priority to delivering a better package of services is to hear and respond to those who know it best, those with a disability, their families and friends, and the experts already in the industry working under sometimes extreme pressure.

The Canberra Liberals will establish a Disability Access Taskforce to enhance accessibility for all Canberrans with a disability.

The Canberra Liberals will establish the Disability Access Taskforce, as suggested by People with Disabilities ACT (PWD ACT) in a submission during the 2016-17 Budget process. The Canberra Liberals believe that experience should inform practical solutions that can enhance the lives of people with a disability in the ACT, and assist them to live, work and commute in our city more easily.

The Canberra Liberals will also provide $300,000 in funding to ensure Spinal Cord Injuries of Australia can bring their spinal cord injury rehabilitation program, NeuroMoves, to the ACT.

The program has been operating in other major cities for 8 years and is a community rehabilitation program designed to assist a person with a spinal cord injury to improve and maximise their functional ability and lead a more independent life.

We will work in conjunction with community partners, who have committed start up funding and premises for a period of 2 years. This is a fee for service system and is designed to be self-sufficient once the service commences.

The Canberra Liberals believe that Canberrans living with disabilities should have every opportunity to access appropriate rehabilitation in our own city.

Together, a taskforce will allow us to identify and support much needed services which have been run down under the current government.