The Barr government has demonstrated it doesn’t care about the victims of dog attacks, with its complete inaction on the issue, Shadow Minister for Urban Services Steve Doszpot said today.
“Today, I brought a motion to the Assembly to get the government to commit to action on dealing with dangerous dogs and dog attacks that have been plaguing the community. However, Minister Fitzharris has completely shelved the issue, showing she doesn’t care,” Mr Doszpot said.
“Last year 155 people were treated for dog attacks in ACT emergency departments, and one dog attack was reported almost daily. This is a crisis that the government has turned a blind eye to.
“The government needs to act on:
• Penalties for owners of dogs that attack
• Classification and management of ‘dangerous dogs’
• Why in many cases innocent victims have to bear medical and legal costs
• Educating dog owners about proper conduct, rights and responsibilities
• The spike in people presenting to EDs with dog attack related injuries

“Most dog owners are conscientious and responsible with their pets but we need to consider strong action to keep the community safe.
“The government has obviously lost control on this issue and something needs to be done before more innocent pets are injured or killed or a human tragedy occurs from dog attack,” Mr Doszpot concluded.