Auditor-General Should Investigate ACTTAB Sale

Yesterday the Canberra Liberals called for the process of the sale of ACTTAB to be referred to the Auditor-General. Unfortunately the Labor/Greens government chose not to support the referral. The arrangements involved with this huge sale aren’t clear and need to be investigated, Shadow Treasurer Brendan Smyth said today.

“Earlier this year the government’s estimate of $30 million for ACTTAB was reported. How the government struck the deal with Tabcorp and how the final sale figure arrived at $105 million begs for greater transparency,” Mr Smyth said.

“The government’s sale process of ACTTAB and lack of details has caused concerns for the future of the racing industry and the agency’s staff.

“The industry and staff are left with the feeling that this has been another ACT Labor cash grab and the Treasurer needs to be more forthcoming about the impact of the terms of the sale.

“To date, the government has knocked back requests to make available its financial analysis on this asset sale.

“The motion was in line with the Select Committee on Estimates’ recommendations for ACTTAB, which has support from both ACT Labor and Canberra Liberals committee members. Unfortunately the government has not supported this investigation

“The Auditor-General should investigate so we can get to the bottom of the sale process for the sake of the industry and ACTTAB staff,” Mr Smyth concluded.