In a move showing a complete lack of courtesy, the Barr government has exempted itself from noise restrictions so light rail construction can go on all night, keeping residents along the Northbourne corridor awake, Shadow Minister for Urban Services Steve Doszpot said today.
“I have received complaints from residents along the Northbourne corridor who are being kept awake by the light rail construction which runs from late at night until well into the early hours of the morning,” Mr Doszpot said.
“I understand the government has a mandate to proceed with this stage of light rail, however this week, in Annual Reports Committee Hearings, the government reaffirmed that it has exempted itself from noise restrictions that would otherwise apply to others.
“This is typical of a government that has a long history of changing rules to suit its own agendas. Andrew Barr and his government should be considerate of those living along the Northbourne corridor and include them in consideration for how light rail construction can proceed with a minimum of disruption.
“I look forward to progress on this issue from Andrew Barr and Minister Fitzharris. The government is always quick to make changes to suit it but hopefully it will move at the same pace to address residents concerns about noise,” Mr Doszpot concluded.