Changes allowing women to breastfeed in the Federal House of Representatives are both practical and symbolic in recognising the role of mothers in politics, Shadow Minister for Women Giulia Jones said today.

“The changes allowing children into the chamber provide choices for mothers that haven’t previously been available and I’m glad the ACT Legislative Assembly has helped lead the way forward for the Federal Parliament,” Mrs Jones said.

“This change brings the rules in line with community expectations because everyone knows that mothers know best.

“Last August when I breastfed my three month old son in the in the ACT Assembly, he didn’t care whether I was in question time or not. He needed to be fed, so I fed him.

“Now women in the House of Representatives will have that same opportunity and freedom. The choice now rests with mothers, who know what is best for their babies.

“I’m also pleased to have played a part in the process through my own submission.

“I congratulate the Turnbull government for making this change which should have been made decades ago and hope it serves as symbolic leadership for further acceptance of mothers in other workplaces. I also hope it encourages more mothers not to be discouraged and consider a career in politics,” Mrs Jones concluded.