How to Vote

for the Canberra Liberals in Brindabella

Voting Liberal in Brindabella

To stop the Tram, and stop billions of dollars being added to rates...

Go to COLUMN B on the ballot paper

Number all five squares for Canberra Liberals candidates from 1 to 5, in the order of your preference.


Our Brindabella Candidates

  • Ed Cocks

    Ed is a Tuggeranong local, dedicated husband, and proud father of two. He is a public servant with the Commonwealth Department of Health where he started as a courier before putting himself through university, working his way up, and reaching executive levels. Ed believes that Tuggeranong can’t afford to be neglected any longer, that we can and should be more than a source of rates, and that our centres should be more than just places to do our groceries. A passionate believer in the power of innovation and collaboration, Ed stands for a new vision of what Tuggeranong could be.

  • Annette Fazey-Southwell

    Annette Fazey-Southwell is an advocate for small business, family and community programs. She has volunteered at the Canberra Hospital, and been on the judging panel for the Telstra small business awards. Fazey-Southwell is raising a family in Tuggeranong with her husband John, and is involved in Catholic education and public schools. She also cares for a child who requires additional care. She wants to strengthen the Tuggeranong community and support families of all demographics.

  • Nicole Lawder

    Nicole Lawder is a sitting Liberal Assembly member, who is passionate about affordable housing and inequality. She has worked on issues of homelessness and disability, in the public service, at Deloitte Consulting, and in the community sector. Lawder has also worked at the Tidbinbilla tracking station. She has five adult children and stepchildren, and 12 grandchildren, something that fuels her desire to improve Canberra, including health, education and job opportunities. Lawder is a volunteer with her community fire unit, and enjoys cooking, reading and spending time with her family, dog Kenny the Dalmatian, and her chicken. Lawder is Liberal spokeswoman for family and community services, housing, environment, arts, and tourism.

  • Mark Parton

    Mark Parton has spent the last 17 years listening to Canberrans through his daily radio program. This married father and small business owner believes that this is the most important election Canberra has ever faced. Spiralling rates and charges are squeezing suburban families and the prospect of us all paying for Andrew Barr’s absurd tram vision as well is causing serious worries for many. Mark wants to bring the focus back to health, education and basic suburban services. His vision is for a government that embraces all Canberrans. Mark wants your support in Brindabella to make this city that best it can be.

  • Andrew Wall

    Andrew Wall, a sitting Liberal Assembly member, worked in his family's construction business before joining politics. He says he experienced the day-to-day challenges of red tape, regulatory burdens, and the impact poor government decision making was having on business. He grew up in Tuggeranong, and he and his wife now live in Macarthur, where they plan to make a home for themselves and their young daughter Sophia. Wall is spokesman for industrial relations and corrections, among others.