How to Vote

for the Canberra Liberals in Ginninderra

Voting Liberal in Ginninderra

To stop the Tram, and stop billions of dollars being added to rates...

Go to COLUMN D on the ballot paper

Number all five squares for Canberra Liberals candidates from 1 to 5, in the order of your preference.

Then, Go to Column F and number 6 to 10 for the Canberra Community Voters


Our Ginninderra Candidates

  • Vicki Dunne

    Vicki Dunne has been sitting member for Ginninderra since 2001. Before entering politics she was a public servant in the Commonwealth Department of Education and the old Commonwealth Employment Service and was then a policy adviser to the ACT attorney-general and chief minister Gary Humphries. Dunne lives in Evatt where she and her husband raised their five children, all but one of whom still live in Canberra. Dunne has been active in community radio all her adult life and has been a patron and an on-going supporter of Karinya House Home for Mothers and Babies. She is very concerned about the cost of housing and how home ownership is becoming a thing of the past for young people. As a parent of children with chronic diseases, she is committed to better and more responsive health services in Canberra. She also knows that if we spend money on a tram for the few, the many will not see the services they want and need.

  • Denise Fisher

    Denise Fisher is a longstanding Canberra resident with a successful record here and overseas as a diplomat and Ambassador, academic and volunteer. She brings maturity, experience and practicality to the Liberal plan to improve the delivery of municipal services that Canberrans expect and deserve at all stages of life. She will apply her professional skills to ensuring more strategic, open, fiscally responsible, and competitive development decisions. She advocates innovative development, respecting Canberra’s role as the national capital for all Australians. Her energy, drive and commitment to public service were inspired by her father, Trevor Kaine, first Liberal ACT Chief Minister.

  • Elizabeth Kikkert

    As a hard working mum and a migrant to Canberra, I have dedicated my life to the wellbeing of others, to my five children, my husband, the Tongan-Australian community, youth and women’s groups as well as through my work in our family business. I believe in giving to others my time and energy to make things better. I will work to ensure that families, individuals, couples and vulnerable people are able to achieve our aspirations. I dedicated myself to standing in this election to change to a Canberra Liberals Government taking less from us and doing more to serve us. Elizabeth Kikkert, a voice for you, a name you can trust.

  • Ignatius Rozario

    As an accountant and a dad with a young family I know what it is like trying to make ends meet these days. Growing up overseas, I came to Australia as a student and I have dedicated myself to my family and the Canberra community. We must be able to aspire to buy a home for our family. Government costs and charges are rising well ahead of our incomes. Government can do better with the money they have and stop gouging us. It is the time for a government which we can afford. Canberra deserves a better local Government.

  • Paul Sweeney

    I’m Paul Sweeney, Liberal candidate in Belconnen. I’m from a single parent house, mum working three jobs to own our home. I grew up in Holt, then Western Sydney, returning to Canberra 12 years ago. I stayed to marry and start my own family in Belconnen. I inherited a love of learning and the lessons of working hard and caring for people. I took those lessons into my job as a police officer and a prosecutor. My work defends and helps the whole community. I am a Liberal, running to put all of Canberra ahead of Labor’s favoured few.