How to Vote

for the Canberra Liberals in Kurrajong

Voting Liberal in Kurrajong

To stop the Tram, and stop billions of dollars being added to rates...

Go to COLUMN E on the ballot paper

Number all five squares for Canberra Liberals candidates from 1 to 5, in the order of your preference.

Then, Go to Column F and number 6 to 8 for the Canberra Community Voters


Our Kurrajong Candidates

  • Candice Burch

    I am determined to do all I can to return the focus of government back to the things that really matter to Canberrans. Despite huge increases in rates, fees, and charges in recent years, essential government services are getting worse and worse. Having lived, worked and studied in the Inner North and South for a decade, I very much understand the issues we are facing. As an economist at the Department of Finance, I’m passionate about ensuring government decisions achieve value for money. I will stand up for the residents of Kurrajong and fight to ensure that this Government concentrates on delivering essential services.

  • Brooke Curtin

    Brooke Curtin is a hard working professional with over twenty years of leadership experience in Business and Government. Brooke has a plan for Kurrajong and the ACT that will grow jobs, and encourage local business opportunities. Brooke cares about your future and the future of this great city. She believes Kurrajong and the ACT is the best place in Australia to work and live. She wants to keep it that way. Brooke knows that her experience in Business and Government will be a strong addition to the Liberal Team. Brooke Curtin’s hard work and experience will give you the best local champion on your side.

  • Steve Doszpot

    Steve Doszpot and his parents arrived in Australia in 1957 as refugees from Hungary. Educated in Sydney, he was transferred to Canberra for a job in the computer industry where he worked for 25 years. He was elected to ACT Legislative Assembly in 2008. Doszpot has had extensive involvement in local sports as president of Soccer Canberra and as chairperson of the Canberra Olympic Council. He also organised Canberra's Olympic football involvement for the Sydney 2000 Games. With eight years in politics, Doszpot has become increasingly aware of local issues - rates increases, neglect of basic services and sporting ground maintenance.

  • Elizabeth Lee

    I moved to Canberra 18 years ago and have seen our city grow into the vibrant place that it is today. However, I know that we have the potential to be even better. Being able to practise law, advocate for the legal profession and shape the legal minds of tomorrow have put me in a unique position to represent you in our Assembly. With your support, I can be part of the team that will govern for the future of all Canberrans so that we leave no one behind. This election, vote for my experience and capability for your Assembly.

  • Peter McKay

    Peter McKay is a Queenslander by birth and a Canberran by choice. His early years were shaped by strong family values in a small business environment. He became self-sufficient early and backpacked through Papua New Guinea, India and Nepal. He has been an army parachutist, career army officer including commanding a tri-service overseas contingent, an executive level public servant, a union delegate, and an army reservist. McKay is a graduate of the Royal Military College Duntroon, and the universities of NSW, Canberra and Flinders, where he majored in military arts, economics, law and public sector management. He values a compassionate can-do attitude, courage, integrity, teamwork, and respect. He and wife Trish have three married daughters. He enjoys mentoring, singing, swimming, skiing, travel, and weekly community events.