How to Vote

for the Canberra Liberals in Murrumbidgee

Voting Liberal in Murrumbidgee

To stop the Tram, and stop billions of dollars being added to rates...

Go to COLUMN D on the ballot paper

Number all five squares for Canberra Liberals candidates from 1 to 5, in the order of your preference.


Our Murrumbidgee Candidates

  • Jessica Adelan-Langford

    As a young lawyer working for everyday families, Jessica has learnt how to help those who feel ignored or marginalised, and about the importance of compromise and cooperation. Jessica will bring this professional experience to the Assembly and is committed to serving her constituents with respect, integrity, and diligence. As a mother of two young children, Jessica understands the urgent need to make real changes to our hospitals, to provide more resources to our schools and early childhood centres, and to provide more support services for those who are vulnerable in our community. Jessica is standing up for those who feel like the Barr Government has stopped listening to them and giving them a voice of reason that is fighting for results.

  • Jeremy Hanson

    Jeremy Hanson is the current leader of the Canberra Liberals. Hanson spent his childhood in England and Cyprus before emigrating with his family as a teenager in 1983. He then completed his secondary studies in Queensland before joining the Army in 1986. After spending 22 years in the Australian Army, which included service in Iraq, East Timor, Malaysia, Germany and Papua New Guinea, Hanson ran for the Legislative Assembly in 2008 and was elected to represent the division of Molonglo for the Canberra Liberals. Hanson was re-elected in 2012 and subsequently chosen by the Canberra Liberals to become Leader of the Opposition in 2013. In the Army, Hanson attained the rank of lieutenant colonel and was awarded the Conspicuous Service Cross, ADF Gold Commendation and the Army Combat Badge. He holds a Master's degree in Management and Defence Studies from the University of Canberra and a bachelor's degree from the University of New England. He's campaigning to stop light rail, build three new hospitals, including a re-development of the Canberra Hospital, offer better local services for all Canberrans and restore faith in local government.

  • Peter Hosking

    I am a proud Canberran, born and raised on the Southside. I love our tight-knit local community full of growth and potential. I am saddened by the lack of vision for the South from the ACT Labor Government and am standing up for our local area. With record high amounts of revenue but little return on things that actually matter to Canberrans, we need change. I will fight for a better health system, lower rates and a transport network that serves all Canberrans. I want to work with you to make the future of our great city even brighter.

  • Paul House

    I am Aboriginal, a father and citizen born and raised in Canberra and I’m proud to stand for the Canberra Liberals at the upcoming ACT Election. As a University graduate I know the value of education for personal advancement and its impact on health and wellbeing. I see the issues affecting our children’s future on a daily basis. I know our education and health system need fixing. Money proposed for light rail can be diverted to solve the education and health problems that plague Canberra. The government has to change to ensure a better future for our community.

  • Giulia Jones

    Giulia Jones was elected to the Legislative Assembly in 2012, and is the opposition spokeswoman for women, mental health, multicultural affairs and emergency services. Jones describes herself as a keen advocate for women and family, and says she has worked in the Australian Army Reserves, federal government departments, women's advocacy, the union movement and as a political adviser. She says her expertise lies in policy for women and mothers, indigenous affairs, and government funding reporting. Jones and her husband have five children, and she says they see their family as a "major contribution to the future of the country". Jones has lived in the north and south of Canberra, and said she understood the challenges facing newer suburbs like those in Molongo, and the more established suburbs in Woden and Weston Creek. She said she was "passionate about strengthening families both financially and socially", and was committed to developing opportunities for women and new Australians to succeed.