Labor and the Greens hold no moral qualms on greyhound racing revenue

ACT Labor and the Greens have expressed no moral hesitation to cash-in on revenue made from greyhound racing even though they destroyed Canberra’s greyhound racing industry on moral grounds, Shadow Minister for Gaming and Racing Mark Parton said.

This week, Mr Parton will bring to the attention of the Legislative Assembly the Labor-Greens government’s double standard on greyhound racing: they can run for money, but not in Canberra.

In 2014, the ACT government sold ACTTAB to TABcorp. The negotiated sale price included an ongoing annual licence fee of $1 million paid to the ACT government. This sum would be derived from revenue made through betting on three racing codes. Of that turnover, at least 22 per cent would come from betting on greyhound racing.

“According to Labor and the Greens, greyhounds like Community Values can race for money – as long as it’s not in Canberra,” Mr Parton said.

“The hypocrisy is staggering.

“Surely you can’t ban a practice saying it’s out of step with community values and then accept around a million dollars over the forward estimates directly from that practice.

“The forthcoming ban is so completely wrong, but for the government to continue deriving income from the turnover on greyhound racing is gross hypocrisy. It should be condemned,” Mr Parton concluded.