Leigh Tries To Hide Unfunded Redundancies

Today’s report on redundancy pay-outs is evidence of the Coalition’s efforts to clean up Labor’s mess. Shadow Assistant Treasurer Andrew Leigh was part of the Labor Government that put in place 14,500 public service job cuts but failed to fund any redundancies to implement their plan.

In the MYEFO in December, the Coalition provisioned for the redundancies associated with Labor’s 14,500 secret, unfunded public service cuts in the Contingency Reserve. Government agencies have also provisioned for voluntary redundancies within their own budgets.

“Andrew Leigh has stated that he believes it is “right and fair” for public servants to be provided with redundancy pay-outs, however if Labor had remained in Government there would have been no money for the 14,500 job cuts they instigated,” stated Senator Seselja.

“Andrew Leigh was part of the Government which created the mess of 14,500 unfunded public service cuts. Now, unsurprisingly, he is incapable of understanding how the Government is fixing the mess he and his Labor colleagues left Canberra,” concluded Senator Seselja.