More funds for Auditor General


 A Canberra Liberals government will boost funding and resources for the Auditor-General to conduct further performance audits and public interest disclosures.

If elected the Canberra Liberals will initially commit an additional $3 million to support the Auditor-General and $900,000 for the independent Public Service Commissioner.

These reforms are absolutely necessary given the perception of a smell and a lack of integrity around Andrew Barr’s government.

Canberrans should be able to have confidence in their local government, but sadly, it’s been eroded by a government more interested in looking after its own than the wider interests of the Canberra community.

It’s important independent authorities like the Auditor-General and the independent Public Service Commissioner, and the Independent Commission Against Corruption have the power to investigate different aspects of government administration. The Auditor-General has been instrumental in uncovering irregular transactions and lack of accountability in government administration, which may warrant more serious investigations by an Independent Commission Against Corruption.

A stronger Auditor-General will add to the strength of democracy in the ACT and lift the standard of agency behaviour.