Oaks Estate – Prioritising our most disadvantaged community

Oaks Estate is Canberra’s most disadvantaged community. The Canberra Liberals will end the neglect and sort out some of the biggest problems that have sat unresolved for years.

Heritage listings: 

We appreciate that the lengthy delay to heritage assessments has made it hard for home owners to invest and grow their equity, because of the uncertainty over future classification of homes in the area. Old attempts to conclude assessments of homes in Oaks Estate has not been finalised under the existing system, because the finite budget for such assessments is invariably prioritised for properties elsewhere that have higher heritage character. The old system has these cases trapped in a circumstance where they can never be resolved. To finalise these cases, they need to come under a new assessment system and get prioritised in that system.

We will work with the Heritage experts and the Oaks Estate community to bring this issue to closure. A Canberra Liberals Government will introduce a transitional clause that allows the decision-makers to remove these lower priority proposals that are trapped in the historic queue of the current system, awaiting a level of protection that is unlikely to be agreed anytime in the foreseeable future. Instead we will ensure certainty by introducing a grading system for heritage assessments, to provide greater clarity on the future treatment of properties at different levels of assessment. As part of this, we will expedite heritage grading assessments for Oaks Estate to remove uncertainty.


A Canberra Liberals Government will prioritise road funding for a one-off investment in speed bumps and crossings in Oaks Estate, from within existing road maintenance funding.

Housing estate:

A Canberra Liberals Government will prioritise maintenance and façade works for public housing in Oaks Estate, from within the existing public housing budget.


The Canberra Liberals Government will prioritise making all local services interact with our new Rapid Services. We will look at the best solutions for reliable transport to Oaks Estate as part of that priority exercise. We will find a way to link Oaks Estate to the Action Bus Network.