Officials Confirm Gallagher Claims On Health Funding Are Wrong

Assertions of cuts to federal health funding for the ACT by Chief Minister Katy Gallagher have been proved wrong. Government officials in a Select Committee on Health hearing late yesterday confirmed that federal health funding to the ACT will increase over the next four years. Senator Zed Seselja has called on Ms Gallagher to stop using the false information in brochures attached to Canberrans’ rates notices.

The Chief Minister has continually stated in the media that the federal government was cutting $240m from funding to the ACT. The evidence provided by officials has confirmed that not only is this wrong, but funding will in fact increase to $311.1m.

“Last week ACT residents received their rates notices stating that the federal government was cutting health funding and seemingly using this as a justification for the massive rates increases,” stated Senator Zed Seselja.

“Ms Gallagher has been caught out using false information claiming funding is being cut, when it is clear from the federal budget papers and evidence provided by officials that this is simply not true.”

In 2013-14, federal health funding to the ACT is $276.2m. In 2017-18, federal funding is forecast to be $311.1m.

“Taxpayers money should not be wasted on ACT Labor material that extols false facts about federal funding.

“Under Labor, the ACT has consistently been amongst the worst performing jurisdictions for emergency department and elective surgery waiting times.

“The Chief Minister needs to focus on strengthening our health services, rather than spreading inaccuracies about funding,” concluded Senator Seselja.