Online petition calls for a crackdown on dangerous dogs in Canberra

Shadow Minister for Urban Services Steve Doszpot today applauded the creation of an online petition calling for the ACT Government to take action on dangerous dogs.

“After receiving numerous stories from people all over Canberra of a personal dog attack experience, it is resoundingly clear that the Government needs to act immediately to crack down on dangerous dogs and irresponsible dog owners,” Mr Doszpot said.

“The Government has advised that there were 155 presentations at an ACT public hospital emergency department due to a dog attack in 2016.”

“The number of attacks on humans is actually larger and there is also a large number of attacks on animals.”

“Clearly, people in our suburbs are worried and have created this petition to urge the ACT Government to introduce stronger laws to deal with dangerous dogs.”

“I encourage anyone who wants to see fewer dangerous dogs roaming our suburbs to sign the online petition.”

“I would also like to encourage anyone who has encountered dangerous dogs to share their story on www.haveyoursay,” Mr Doszpot concluded.

 Petition link:

Click here to sign the petition