Member for Ginninderra

Shadow Minister for Families, Youth and Community Services
Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs



As a hard working mum and a migrant to Canberra, I have dedicated my life to the wellbeing of others, to my five children, my husband, the Tongan-Australian community, youth and women’s groups as well as through my work in our family business. I believe in giving to others my time and energy to make things better. I will work to ensure that families, individuals, couples and vulnerable people are able to achieve our aspirations. I dedicated myself to standing in this election to change to a Canberra Liberals Government taking less from us and doing more to serve us. Elizabeth Kikkert, a voice for you, a name you can trust.



Yesterday, this Government responded to my calling on external reviews on decisions made in the youth protection... https://t.co/FY0Qtar1nl

I called on the government to upgrade 2 local parks in Higgins. Thank you to the 200 + people that signed the... https://t.co/xev4Gf7kK0

I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/cyu4vJDUDO

Canberrans who publish, or threaten to publish, 'revenge porn' now face jail https://t.co/p5GisOerH7 via @canberratimes


To contact Elizabeth:

Email: ekikkert@canberraliberals.org.au

Elizabeth Kikkert