Member for Ginninderra

Shadow Minister for Families, Youth and Community Services
Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs



As a hard working mum and a migrant to Canberra, I have dedicated my life to the wellbeing of others, to my five children, my husband, the Tongan-Australian community, youth and women’s groups as well as through my work in our family business. I believe in giving to others my time and energy to make things better. I will work to ensure that families, individuals, couples and vulnerable people are able to achieve our aspirations. I dedicated myself to standing in this election to change to a Canberra Liberals Government taking less from us and doing more to serve us. Elizabeth Kikkert, a voice for you, a name you can trust.



It is F I NA L L Y signed and awarded!
After working hard on this issue for years, it is FINALY happening! WOOHOO!!

Contract for construction of Ginninderra and Tillyard dr light as well as traffic lights at... https://t.co/j5AqCGV3rK

A continuation of a foundation build on love and respect for one another. This is the result of many good people from all walks of life come together to mourn, to comfort, to be strengthened and to find peace. It was heartwarming to witness this last... https://t.co/Rd9Ra4bOe0

Have you kicked a football around with your friends at home, park, oval or at the beach? It’s fun. Would you do it for 24hrs? For a cause?

Kick 2 Kick 4 A Cause is on its 2nd year raising funds for Menslink... https://t.co/r5UkToRSsJ



To contact Elizabeth:

Email: ekikkert@canberraliberals.org.au

Elizabeth Kikkert