Member for Brindabella

Shadow Minister for Planning
Shadow Minister for Housing
Shadow Minister for Gaming and Racing



Mark Parton has spent the last 17 years listening to Canberrans through his daily radio program.  This married father and small business owner believes that this is the most important election Canberra has ever faced. Spiralling rates and charges are squeezing suburban families and the prospect of us all paying for Andrew Barr’s absurd tram vision as well is causing serious worries for many. Mark wants to bring the focus back to health, education and basic suburban services. His vision is for a government that embraces all Canberrans. Mark wants your support in Brindabella to make this city that best it can be.



We had dinner on the front lawn watching these clouds. Got rained on, but only about 29 drops. #canberra

A total fire ban has just been declared for the ACT tomorrow. The @BOM_au is predicting dry and windy conditions tomorrow as the temperature is set to reach 41 again #newsroom

NT listeners - did you know you just got incredibly lucky? @jolene_laverty is your new breakfast presenter and she's a brilliant, smart, funny, hard working legend. I'll be tuning in on ABC Listen!

In a one on one contest, Gaffy will win possession over Nic Nat 19 times out of 20. The boy’s a magnet @andrewgaff03 @NicNat


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