23 schools closed, record debt and deficits, massive rates hikes, light rail next

Despite being Deputy Chief Minister at the 2012 ACT Election, only 4 percent of voters chose Andrew Barr as their representative in the Legislative Assembly. His record as education minister in cutting 23 local schools and his record as treasurer of record debt and deficits as well as massive rates hikes was judged poorly by Canberrans at the last election, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson said today.

“No one at the last election wanted or thought Andrew Barr would be Chief Minister, and it will only likely occur tomorrow as a result of backroom factional deals and ALP backbenchers unwilling to stand up for their electorates. Andrew Barr will likely become Chief Minister by a single vote in the Assembly and has no mandate,” Mr Hanson said.

“Tomorrow in the Legislative Assembly, I will stand for the position of Chief Minister and outline my vision for Canberra. A vision that does not include massive rates hikes, does not include a billion dollar tram and does not include needles in the prison.

“I know that there are ALP members with genuine concerns that ACT Labor has sold out to the Greens on light rail and this is their opportunity to vote for common sense and to truly represent their electorates, rather than the factions and the Greens.

“My door is open to talk to any ALP backbencher who has lost confidence in the flawed light rail plan.

“The Canberra Liberals will continue to fight for Canberra to be the best place for everyone to make a living, raise a family and get ahead,” Mr Hanson concluded.