ACT drivers back Canberra Liberals’ plan for real-time fuel price monitoring

Canberra drivers are supportive of the Canberra Liberals’ commitment to introduce a real-time petrol price monitoring system if elected, according to a NRMA members’ survey released today.
The survey of 1,158 NRMA members found that 94 per cent of respondents backed an independent petrol price monitoring scheme in the ACT. The Canberra Liberals committed to a real-time fuel monitoring system earlier this year.
“Canberra drivers know they are being unfairly ripped off, and they’re sick of it,” Canberra Liberals Leader Alistair Coe said.
“They want a fairer deal at the bowser and the Canberra Liberals are prepared to fight for it.
“A Canberra Liberals Government will introduce a real-time fuel monitoring scheme to crack down on out of control petrol prices in the ACT.
“In other jurisdictions, real-time petrol price monitoring has improved transparency of the market, promoted competition and given motorists certainty.
“It’s just ridiculous that almost half of the ACT drivers surveyed are filling up across the border because they can’t get a good deal at home.
“For too long Andrew Barr has allowed Canberra’s petrol prices to hurt ACT drivers. He has failed to fight for a fairer deal.
“The Canberra Liberals will fight for a more fair, transparent and predictable local fuel market.
“There are other initiatives that can put downward pressure on fuel prices and I look forward to the Committee’s recommendations,” Mr Coe said.