ACT Government entirely responsible for health crisis

The ACT Government is entirely responsible for the ACT’s health crisis, Shadow Minister for Health Vicki Dunne said.

In the past two weeks alone, it has been revealed that:

* Four in five patients requiring urgent medical attention at the Canberra Hospital emergency department are not seen on time
* Nurses working overtime are facing pay cuts, despite the incredibly long and stressful hours they work
* Site planning for the expansion of the Canberra Hospital is in doubt
* Junior doctors rate the ACT health system as the worst place to work in the country
* Labor has delivered a $3 billion ticking debt bomb which comes with a $234 million interest bill for this year alone

This comes off the back of years of damning revelations into the state of the ACT’s health system including but not only:

* Failure to repair critical health infrastructure, despite the known infrastructure risks
* Longest waits for life-saving cancer treatment in the country
* Crisis in the Adult Mental Health Unit and mental health system
* Longest waits in the Emergency Departments in the country
* Fabrication and loss of official health data
* Soaring number of patients waiting longer than clinically recommended for elective surgery
* A series of controversies in the expansion of the Canberra Hospital including logistical failures, budget blowouts, construction delays and safety concerns
* An unchecked culture of bullying, harassment and intimidation leading to staff resignations and suicide
* Misleading claims by the former Health Minister Meegan Fitzharris that wait times are coming down

“The ACT Government abandoned Canberra’s health system years ago,” Mrs Dunne said.

“We were once among the top performers, now we are infamously the worst health system in Australia.

“It is utterly disgraceful that the Chief Minister of this Territory would seek to lay blame for the ACT’s health crisis on the NSW Government.

“It’s clear that Canberrans will only ever get more of the same from this government. Our health system cannot afford more of the same,” Mrs Dunne said.