ACT Government land deals referred to anti-corruption commission

The Public Accounts Committee of the Legislative Assembly has referred ACT Government land deals to Canberra’s new anti-corruption commission.
Andrew Barr was the Minister responsible for the Land Development Agency when the controversial land deals were done.
It is clear that there are still unanswered questions about these multi-million dollar deals which include the purchase of land near Glebe Park and in West Basin.
The report states (Recommendation 13):
The Committee recommends that the ACT Integrity Commission investigate the four acquisitions and any other matters raised in this Report.
It was reported that no members, including the Labor MLAs, dissented to the recommendation.
These very serious issues were first referred to the Auditor-General by the Canberra Liberals. Obviously, the referral was justified and a thorough investigation by the ACT Integrity Commission is required.
The Auditor-General originally found:
Transparency, accountability and rigour have been lacking in the processes used by the Land Development Agency for acquiring the three sites and two associated businesses considered in this audit.