ACT Government should stop fiddling with report on controversial tax reform

It has been revealed that the Government are delaying the public release of an analysis of its controversial tax reform.
In December 2019, the Labor Government contracted consultants to analyse the impact of its tax reform on Canberra households. The government received a draft report in January and with the final report scheduled to be publicly released last week.
In Public Accounts Committee hearings on Friday, Treasury revealed that the report would not be released until they were comfortable with it.
“It’s bad enough that this tired old Labor Government needs to spend even more taxpayers’ money to tell them what everyone already knows, now they are whitewashing it,” Shadow Minister for Public Sector Management Candice Burch said.
“Mr Barr and Labor must stop fiddling with this report immediately and release it for public consumption.
“Tripling rates through controversial tax reform has been the hallmark of this long-serving government.
“The Chief Minister has stubbornly refused to stop the increases because he is so convinced that he is right.
“And despite taxes and rates being at record highs, services are at record lows.
“To now learn that they won’t release this analysis on the impact of reform until it’s fully whitewashed is just the latest example of why Canberrans deserve a better way,” Miss Burch said.