ACT Greens Spend Money That Does Not Exist

Today’s waterways announcement from the ACT Greens is based on money that the ACT Government does not have, according to ACT Shadow Nature Conservation and Water Minister Vicki Dunne.

“It appears the ACT Greens have committed to spending money that hasn’t been secured,” Mrs Dunne said.

“What is certain is that many environmental indicators in the ACT have gone backwards since the ACT Labor/Greens alliance came into existence.

“The ACT Greens are a fringe party, they simply cannot get what they stand for done and they are incapable of securing this money.

“We agree that the ACT’s lakes and waterways need to be cleaned up, however the ACT Greens should not be committing to spending money on these projects when the funds have not been secured.

“The Greens are a party in decline, if they couldn’t improve the environment in the four years they have been in an alliance with the ACT Labor Government, they can’t get it done now,” Mrs Dunne concluded.