ACT Health confirms ACT Labor cut beds at UC Hospital

Following the nurses union identifying what they described as a ‘glaring discrepancy’, ACT Health has now revealed that Simon Corbell has not been telling the truth about hospital bed cuts at the new UC Hospital, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson said today.

“Simon Corbell claimed that ACT Labor did not cut 60 beds at the planned 200 bed UC Hospital and has asserted that 75 ‘day spaces’ are in fact hospital beds,” Mr Hanson said.

“A statement provided by ACT Health to the media confirms that beds were cut from hospital and makes a nonsense of Mr Corbell’s claim that ‘day spaces’ are hospital beds.

“In fact the spaces are described by ACT Health as a gym, hydrotherapy pool and consultation rooms. For the Minister to pretend that they are hospital beds is utterly deceitful.

“It’s disturbing that it has taken an official from ACT Health to call the Minister out on his attempts to cut beds and cover it up to the public.

“I again call on Simon Corbell not to cut the 60 beds and to build a 200 bed hospital as ACT Labor committed,” Mr Hanson concluded.