ACT Labor Backflips On Bike Path Again

Katy Gallagher has changed her mind yet again on the issue of a segregated bike path for the proposed Majura Parkway, ACT Shadow Transport Services Minister Alistair Coe said today.

“Katy Gallagher has come up with a token amount of funding to design a dedicated bike path, but not the $8 to $12 million that Roads ACT have advised it will cost to build the path,” Mr Coe said.

“If a path is built after the road is fully constructed, the cost will be considerably more.

“We know from the GDE that ACT Labor’s failure to properly plan infrastructure leads to huge increases in costs.

“Segregated bike paths are important, they are parallel to roads but are separated from car traffic, making them much safer.

“This is yet another example where the ACT Labor Government is failing to meet the infrastructure needs of a growing city.

“The Opposition’s policy of creating Infrastructure Canberra would address such concerns and ensure that decisions are made for the long-term,” Mr Coe concluded.