ACT Labor desperate to scuttle rates inquiry against a groundswell of opposition

The Canberra Liberals will fight against any attempts by ACT Labor to scuttle a vital inquiry into the way its aggressive rates regime is hurting the lives of many Canberrans, Leader of the Opposition Alistair Coe said.

“There is a groundswell of Canberrans who are absolutely fed up with Labor’s rates rises,” Mr Coe said.

“Instead the promised ‘fairer’ system, Canberrans are describing ACT Labor’s rates regime as a ‘gross misuse of power’, a ‘grave injustice’ and ‘totally unfair’.

“I’m not surprised ACT Labor is trying to scuttle dissent yet again.

“ACT Labor don’t want journalists doing their job, they don’t want MLAs doing their job, nor do they want the community to have their say.

“It is absurd that ACT Labor would try to discipline MLAs for encouraging citizens to express their views and participate in the democratic process.

“The rates issue is of enormous importance to a large number of Canberrans and it is entirely appropriate that they get a chance to have their say.

“We are going to keep putting the blowtorch on this issue. Clearly, ACT Labor is feeling the heat,” Mr Coe concluded.