ACT Labor Needs To Pass On Carbon Tax Savings To Canberrans

Following the Coalition’s successful repeal of the Carbon Tax, local councils across the country have indicated they will pass on their savings to rate-payers. The ACT Labor government is yet to indicate if they will pass on savings they have made to Canberra rate-payers.

The Brisbane City Council has stated that they will provide the average ratepayer with a $36 refund on their next quarterly bill. The Wyong Council (NSW) has stated that visitors to their tip will save $27.60 per tonne of waste at the tip gate and $22 a year in domestic waste changes.

“Canberrans received in recent weeks a letter from their energy supplier stating that they would be getting a credit on their bills after the repeal of the carbon tax,” stated Senator Seselja.

“I am now calling on the ACT Labor Government to pass on the savings they have made with the repeal of the carbon tax to ACT residents.”

The Casey City Council (Vic) has announced that rate rises announced in June will be scaled back due to the repeal. The Council also indicated that they expect to save $330,000 a year in tip fees and about $350,000 on its energy bills with the repeal.

According to ACT Government documents obtained prior to the introduction of the carbon tax, the carbon tax bill for the ACT Government was expected to amount to approximately $140 per ACT household.

“Canberrans are already facing massive rate increases from ACT Labor and should receive the savings that have occurred as a result of the carbon tax repeal,” concluded Senator Seselja.