The Canberra Liberals will never support any legislation that puts the power of veto with regards to the procurement of ACT government goods and services into the hands of the unions, or any single entity, Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations Andrew Wall said today.

It was revealed at the ACT Labor Party conference on the weekend that the ACT Labor government is considering legislation to enforce the Memorandum of Understanding between Unions ACT and the ACT government on procurement decisions under the guise of its ‘secure jobs package’.

“The Canberra Liberals remain committed to the view that the MOU itself is inappropriate, unfair and gives unions unprecedented veto power and influence over government contracts.

“It is also worth noting that the MOU has been described by industry bodies as ‘deceitful and dishonest’.

“A very real concern is that a decision like this would enshrine in law the undue influence that Unions ACT already has, not only over ACT government procurement decisions but also over Ministers themselves.

“It is integral that the procurement process for ACT government work should be as independent as possible and carry the highest probity standards, this would not be the case if this legislation was to proceed.

“We see time and time again, evidence that ACT Labor is totally beholden to the Union movement. Just last week it emerged that Unions ACT demanded that Labor MLA’s inform them if they intend on attending any events connected with the Master Builders Association – the ACT’s peak building and construction industry association. This is a completely unjustified demand.

“Serious questions need to be answered by Andrew Barr on who is really in control of the ACT government’s policy agenda and who really is pulling the strings,” Mr Wall concluded.