ACT Labor Should Permanently Deregulate Construction Sector

Today the Canberra Liberals will argue in the Legislative Assembly for permanent deregulation of the ACT’s struggling building and construction sector. It follows a half hearted attempt by ACT Labor to ‘stimulate’ the industry which is suffering under excessive red tape and charges, Shadow Minister for Planning and Infrastructure Alistair Coe said today.

“The Canberra Liberals have warned that a high taxing, high regulation strategy hurts local businesses and local jobs. It’s unfortunate that due to the government’s stubbornness, it’s taken years for ACT Labor to realise it,” Mr Coe said.

“The government’s so called ‘stimulus package’ is an admission of failure. It’s largely about winding back its own decisions of the past like the lease variation charge (implemented in 2011) and the commence and complete fees (implemented in 2008). It’s hardly a solution which gives peace of mind to businesses trying to commit to operating in the ACT over time.

“The ACT Labor government is merely applying CPR after strangling the construction sector.

“ACT Labor needs to implement permanent deregulation of Canberra’s construction sector so more businesses and more jobs aren’t pushed across the border and more damage is done to the ACT economy,” Mr Coe concluded.