ACT Labor to Blame for Inaction On Convention Centre

The ACT Labor government should take the blame after failing to make a new convention centre plan investment and shovel ready to secure funding support of the Federal Coalition government, Shadow Minister for Business and Economic Development Brendan Smyth said today.

“Today in the Assembly I will call on the government to provide up to $10 million in the upcoming ACT Budget to get the new convention centre to a shovel ready stage, so the Commonwealth can be in a position to offer financial support,” Mr Smyth said.

“The Chief Minister is quick to shift the blame to the federal government for not providing funding for the convention centre but it’s in fact ACT Labor which hasn’t taken the necessary steps to attract federal funding.

“ACT Labor has never had a real commitment in actually getting a new convention centre. The fact is the federal government is looking for shovel ready projects. The proposal put forward was nowhere near ready.

“The ACT Labor government needs to take the basic steps to get a convention centre to a shovel ready stage. Katy Gallagher can’t expect the federal government to take the heavy lifting.

“If the government can find $614 million for light rail, surely it can find $10 million to get a new convention centre off the ground,” Mr Smyth concluded.