Today’s ACTION bus timetable changes reflect a government which is playing catch-up when it comes to buses in Canberra. The changes are also working against the government’s own light rail plans, Shadow Minister for Transport Alistair Coe said today.

“Today’s changes highlight that Canberrans do not want to interchange or transfer between buses or other modes of transport, such as light rail. The government’s plans to cut back peak hour stand-alone services travelling the light rail route, and instead have buses that travel from Gungahlin suburbs all the way to city (without interchanging) shows that passengers want a single bus to go from their suburb to their destination,” Mr Coe said.

“If ACT Labor believed in its light rail plan, it would force Gungahlin residents to shuttle to Gungahlin Town Centre and then hop on to a City Bus, but they know it would be unpopular.

“The Barr government has also implemented a number of other services that were promised by the Canberra Liberals earlier in the year. However, there are many initiatives from the Liberals’ plan which the government is yet to adopt.

“Whilst more analysis needs to be done on the frequency of the proposed network, once again, the government is promising a second-rate public transport service for Canberra,” concluded Mr Coe.