ACT Labor’s funding cuts for Canberra’s doctors and nurses

Funding for frontline health services will be diverted to pay for the split of ACT Health, Shadow Health Minister Vicki Dunne warned.
In documents released under Freedom of Information laws, and in response to questioning by the Opposition, it has been revealed that next week’s budget will not recognise the ACT Health split.
“Splitting ACT Health into two separate directorates will be an expensive task,” Mrs Dunne said.
“The funding has to come from somewhere.
“The ACT government has confirmed that the new budget will not recognise the split, even though the two new directorates are expected to be operational in October this year.
“I have no doubt that money will be drawn from vital frontline services in order to pay for the split. ACT Labor is essentially cutting funds for Canberra’s nurses and doctors, and it’s trying to do it quietly.
“This raises serious concerns for the welfare of our nurses, doctors, midwives and other hospital staff who are already long hours to keep our public hospitals functioning.
“If our health staff suffer, then patients will also come off worse.
“Our hospitals and hospital staff are already under enormous pressure. This will be another massive blow,” Mrs Dunne concluded.