ACT Labor’s Unfair And Unequal Land Rent Mess Should Be Fixed

The ACT Labor government’s land rent scheme is fundamentally flawed and unfair for struggling Canberra families. Today the Canberra Liberals are raising the issue in the Legislative Assembly as a matter of urgency, Shadow Treasurer Brendan Smyth said today.

“The Canberra Liberals are today working to allow qualifying families on the old land rent scheme an option to transfer to the new scheme, which came into effect on October 1 last year,” Mr Smyth said.

“It’s unfair that some families are paying double the land rent, simply because of when they entered the scheme.

“Especially when the government’s income thresholds determination for the new scheme is $65,500 higher than the income thresholds applied in the old scheme.

“As a result, families who signed a lease prior to 1 October 2013 and earning less would be paying double in their land rent as opposed to households earning $65,500 more and having signed a lease after 1 October 2013.

“This has left the scheme with a two-tiered system of haves and have-nots all because of the date families signed on to the scheme. The government should heed the Canberra Liberals call to fix this unequal, unfair and flawed scheme,” Mr Smyth concluded.