The ACT has ranked second worst for the proportion of people with an unmet need for accommodation according to the latest Productivity Commission’s annual report on homelessness services. Shadow Minister for Housing, Mark Parton said the results show people in the ACT are struggling to get the support and help they need during times of crisis.

“The latest figures show Canberra is ranked just 0.1 per cent behind NSW for people with an unmet need for accommodation,” Mr Parton said today.

“The ACT also ranked lowest out of all states and territories for people needing accommodation or related assistance and were provided with or referred for at least one accommodation or accommodation related service. At just 53.4 per cent, and almost 8 percent behind NSW, these figures are quite alarming.

“The ACT also had the highest level of repeat periods of homelessness, well above the national average.

“The Labor-Green Government says it is proud of the services and programs it has put in place to assist people experiencing homelessness but these figures do not reflect that.

“The Minister must explain why the ACT is lagging in these critical indicators and what she will do to address the problem,” Mr Parton concluded.