The ACT has recorded another decline in all educational areas assessed in the latest report from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), says the Shadow Minister for Education and Training, Andrew Wall. The PISA report assesses the skills of 15 year-old students in maths, science and reading.

“ACT students have recorded a decline of 22 points since 2006 in science, a decline of 37 points since 2000 in reading and a decline of 42 points since 2003 in maths. In comparison, the highest decline Victoria recorded was 12 points since 2003 in maths,” Mr Wall said today.

“The ACT Government invests more than all the states in public education on a per student basis yet we are seeing a significant decline in the performance of our students.

“PISA has also indicated that not only are ACT students slipping backwards when compared to other countries but they are also less prepared for the everyday challenges they will face in their adult lives.

“We are lucky in the ACT to have access to higher wages, good educational facilities and teachers so we should be recording improvements in education results.

“The Labor-Greens Government needs to explain what they will be doing to address these results and what measures they will be putting in place to make improvements,” Mr Wall concluded.