ACT Schools Could Be Hit Hardest By Gonski Review

Today, ACT Shadow Education Minister Steve Doszpot said reports that the ACT’s schools could be the hardest hit by the Gonski Review will send a bolt of fear through the sector. Mr Doszpot is calling on the ACT Labor/Greens alliance not to allow their Federal counterparts to rip millions of dollars out of Canberra’s already struggling non-government school sector.

“I am very concerned that ACT non-government schools will reportedly be the hardest hit by the Gonski review, with some facing losses of $5 million each,” Mr Doszpot said.

“According to the reports, some of these schools will have to increase their fees by up to $5000 a year if they lose this funding.

“Canberra’s non-government schools already hurting, as they receive less government funding than any other jurisdiction. The reports state that some will be forced to close under the Gonski plan.

“These reports are extremely worrying, not only to the schools themselves but to the Canberra families who will pay the price.

“Canberrans are already facing massive cost of living pressures, with the highest taxes in the country, tripled water prices and rate increases,

“Higher school fees would be another huge cost of living hit that many Canberrans simply can’t bear.

“I call on the ACT Labor/Greens Labor Government to stand up for Canberra’s schools, and not allow their Federal counterparts to slash millions of dollars from the education sector,” Mr Doszpot concluded.