Today in Estimates hearings, Small Business Minister Chris Bourke disgracefully demonstrated that he’s more in favour of union power and influence over the government than backing small business in the ACT, Shadow Minister for Small Business Andrew Wall said today.

“During time allocated for small business issues in Estimates hearings this morning, I queried Mr Bourke about the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Andrew Barr and Unions ACT and how it influences small business. For someone who holds the portfolio of Minister for Small Business, Mr Bourke’s responses were disgraceful,” Mr Wall said.

“When queried about the impact of MOU in Estimates this morning Mr Bourke stated:

…In the many, many businesses, small business that I’ve been talking to in the ACT this is not an issue that has been raised with me and what I would say is that the only person who’s raised this with me is the Canberra Business Chamber which is astonishing…

I can’t see or know…of any intersection with a small business here in the ACT that has either been brought to my attention or I’m aware of from my general knowledge…

“If Chris Bourke, as Small Business Minister here in the ACT doesn’t know about or understand the impact of the MOU in creating union power and influence over the government and thereby the impact on local businesses, he’s had his head in the sand.

“Canberra businesses deserve a lot better. However, this is unsurprising from a government which has made Canberra the most difficult place to run a small business in the country,” Mr Wall concluded.