Action needed on safety concerns at Mount Taylor

This week in the Legislative Assembly I will be bringing forward a proposal to address the safety concerns of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians accessing Mount Taylor. We need to improve the safety of the parking area and surrounding amenities, Member for Brindabella Mark Parton said today.

“Mt Taylor is an invaluable recreational asset for the whole of the Canberra community with a growing number of Canberrans enjoying it regularly,” Mr Parton said.

“Thousands of residents and visitors to Canberra are drawn to Mt Taylor for its spectacular views, walking and cycling trails.

“However, as Mt Taylor’s popularity increases, concern is growing over the lack of infrastructure to facilitate pedestrian, cyclist or motorist safety when entering or departing the Mt Taylor parking area.

“In light of these concerns, I will call on the government in the Assembly this week to improve safe entry and exits points to Mt Taylor and to plan the construction of additional features that would improve public safety such as a bike lane, footpath, clear signage and lighting.

“Specifically, I am calling on the government to:

– Provide visible and safe entry and exit points to the Mt Taylor carpark on Sulwood Drive with defined safe crossings for pedestrians and cyclists

– Install lighting and a bin in the parking area

– Consider changes to improve the intersection of Mannheim Street and Sulwood Drive with regard to the safety of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians

– Extend the footpath on Mannheim Street from MacKay Crescent to Sulwood Drive

– Investigate a dedicated bike lane on Sulwood Drive

“I understand Labor member Chris Steel has been in conversation with residents who have shared similar concerns and so I am hopeful that I will have his and the government’s full support to implement these vital improvements to public safety.

“I hope to see the thousands of Canberra residents who visit Mt Taylor enjoy its beauty and recreational assets without fear for their safety,” Mr Parton concluded.