After long delay, government backflips on hub schools while some parents must wait even longer

Despite having weeks to plan for a return to school, the ACT Government’s announcement leaves parents and students waiting for weeks before local schools open.

Under the Government’s plan, many students will not be returning to normal classes for almost four weeks (2 June).

This decision follows an analysis by the Canberra Liberals that shows the ACT as the only state or territory not to have local schools open.

Leader of the Canberra Liberals Alistair Coe said the ACT Government had consistently put the needs of children last in their decision making.

“The Government’s complacent attitude has had them for weeks denying the clear medical evidence and the views of hard-working families,” Mr Coe said.

“And now this rushed announcement continues to leave families and children in the lurch.

“The Canberra Liberals unashamedly stand with parents and families in calling on all local schools being open from next week.

“It’s disappointing that after the ACT was the last jurisdiction to release a stimulus package, the ACT is also the last place to reopen local schools,” Mr Coe said.

The Shadow Minister for Education Elizabeth Lee said many Canberra families have faced weeks of unnecessary chaos and uncertainty.

“Thousands of Canberra families will be disappointed that they will have to wait another four weeks before their children can return to schools, despite the prevailing evidence provided by medical experts that schools are safe environments,” Ms Lee said.

“We need to open all local schools now to give stressed parents choice; to protect the education, development and wellbeing of our children; and to support our teachers do what they do best – providing quality education in the classroom,” Ms Lee said.