All pain, no gain as Government plunders Mitchell traders

Questions by the Canberra Liberals have revealed that the Labor-Greens Government collected almost $7.7 million from Mitchell ratepayers in 2017-18. One property in Mitchell has an annual rates bill of $120,000.

Despite the huge taxes they are paying, local businesses are suffering due to light rail construction. In addition, the ACT Government has neglected basic services, including street sweeping and road maintenance, and has denied Mitchell a light rail stop.

Comments by Alistair Coe (Leader of the Opposition):

“It is all pain and no gain for Mitchell ratepayers who are expected to pay big money but are not getting services in return.

“Once again, we are dealing with a government with a ‘born to rule’ mentality.

“The Labor-Greens Government has treated Mitchell businesses and ratepayers with contempt through surging taxes and shedding services.”

Comments by Andrew Wall (Shadow Minister for Local Business):

“Since the light rail construction began last year, Mitchell has being strangled.

“Some operators on the route have reported downturns of 30 per cent or more without no compensation.

“Not only will Mitchell miss out on a light rail stop but general urban services are down, roads and footpaths are neglected and streetlights are not maintained.

“If we are serious about encouraging investment in Canberra, commercial and industrial areas like Mitchell must be attractive places to do business.”