The ACT health system’s failure to provide reliable statistics has been highlighted again today with the release of the AMA Public Hospital Report Card, Shadow Minister for Health Vicki Dunne said today.

“For the second time in a month we have seen the release of important national health data where the ACT’s data has been missing,” Mrs Dunne said.

“ACT Health’s data has been under a cloud since 2010 and spawned four reports from the Auditor-General and a further two reports from PwC, yet still the Government hasn’t got it right.”

Mrs Dunne said that we knew that ACT Health disclosed to the Auditor-General that they had real problems with their data in September 2016 and yet they had not fixed the problem.

“This week the Minister for Health has announced another root and branch review which will again involve PwC.

“I can only echo the sentiment of the president of the ACT AMA, Professor Steve Robson, when he says that this is ‘…an almighty stuff up…’.

“We have no guarantee about the quality of published data over many years. This failure to provide accurate data is an ongoing embarrassment for the ACT,” Mrs Dunne concluded.