An Audi for every family is cheaper than light rail

For the same price as light rail, the ACT Labor government could buy an Audi A3 convertible for every household in Gungahlin. It would also be $4 million cheaper to operate and maintain all of those vehicles, rather than operate light rail, Shadow Minister for Transport Alistair Coe said today.

“The cost of light rail for Canberra taxpayers is incredibly high and this comparison with the Audi A3 demonstrates that,” Mr Coe said.

Cost per Audi A3 = $47,300 × 18,000 (Number of homes in Gungahlin) = $851,400,000.

“It is important to put the amount of money the government is squandering on light rail into perspective.

“The fact that the same amount of money could purchase so many cars puts into perspective the enormity of the light rail project.

“The new Chief Minister’s recommitment to light rail is bad news for Canberra. Only the Canberra Liberals will stop this ill-conceived project,” Mr Coe concluded.