Another Infrastructure Delivery Fail

Member for Brindabella Andrew Wall has raised concerns about the safety of pedestrians who use the new Namadgi pedestrian bridge over Drakeford Drive, and motorists driving underneath.

“Large sheets of peeling paint can be seen falling off the bridge onto the road and the bridge itself – this is another example of a poorly finished infrastructure project overseen by ACT Labor,” Mr Wall said.

“Canberra tax payers have paid $6 million for this footbridge, which is quickly turning into an eyesore. For that money it is fair to expect a higher standard of work than can be seen today.

“Time and time again we have seen the ACT Government fail in infrastructure delivery.

“With school students returning over the next couple of weeks, the government has an obligation to ensure this project is complete and safe for users. The paint peelings, some the size of dinner plates, may pose a major traffic hazard if left unattended any longer.

“I call on the ACT Green/Labor Coalition Government to explain what steps are being taken to ensure the safety of the community is not compromised, and remedy this infrastructure project as a matter of urgency.” Mr Wall concluded.