Anticipation for long awaited business assessment on impact of light rail construction

Struggling businesses along the light rail corridor await the outcome of the government’s assessment on the impact of construction works on business trade, Member for Yerrabi James Milligan said.
After being inundated with complaints from struggling business, Mr Milligan successfully called on the government to investigate the loss of business trade due to light rail construction in June this year.
The report was promised to be delivered in the September sitting.
“Businesses have been reporting a 30 to 50 per cent drop in trade for more than 18 months,” Mr Milligan said.
“Local business owners have had to cut staff, reduce trading hours and take on additional debt just to get through the construction period.
“I called for the loss of trade to be investigated to help the government determine grounds for compensation.
“Unfortunately, the investigation has been incredibly drawn out and poorly executed.
“I am concerned that the government’s engagement with businesses during the course of the investigation has been weak.
“Many businesses were not notified, the online survey was delayed and some businesses received email notifications second-hand through landlords.
“While the process certainly hasn’t been ideal, I am hopeful that the report will yield a good outcome for businesses that are struggling to survive,” Mr Milligan concluded.