Today Shadow Minister for Women Giulia Jones will call on the Legislative Assembly to look into proxy voting options for breastfeeding MLAs during divisions in the chamber.

“Currently the Legislative Assembly allows breastfeeding MLAs to feed their babies in the chamber but I believe the Assembly should consider proxy voting options to allow choice for mothers,” Mrs Jones said today.

“Babies can be very different, some feed quietly and for others it is more challenging. Therefore, the ACT Assembly should have proxy voting so some mums can feed from their office or the breastfeeding room. My motion asks the Admin and Procedures Committee to work out the nuts and bolts of how this can work in the ACT Assembly.

“Proxy voting is currently the only option for members of the Federal House of Representatives who are breastfeeding; they do not have the option to feed in the chamber. In the ACT it’s the opposite, breastfeeding is allowed only in the chamber but there are no proxy votes.

“This move is another way for the ACT Assembly to continue to properly cater for the needs of working women and to lead the way. Near enough is not good enough in this area, we need to get the details right.

“I look forward to the Assembly’s consideration on this issue,” Mrs Jones concluded.