Assembly to recognise ANZAC Centenary

The sacrifice and contribution of the ADF, Defence families and ex-service organisations will be recognised by the Legislative Assembly ahead of the Centenary of ANZAC next month. Over 100,000 Australians have lost their lives since 25 April 1915 and the impact on many Canberrans who are still serving or suffering the effects of their service is significant, Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Minister for Veterans Affairs Jeremy Hanson said today.

“Today I’ll be calling on the Assembly to commemorate those Australians who have made the ultimate sacrifice through military service and acknowledge Canberra as a hub for Australia’s defence community,” Mr Hanson said.

“Canberra’s defence community comprises ADF members, Defence families, veterans and ex-service organisations. The Australian War Memorial will also be leading the commemoration of the Centenary. They all deserve our support and recognition ahead of ANZAC Day.

“Like many in the ADF I came to Canberra through the Army and have found a home and community. We can’t underestimate the contribution of Defence and its importance to the ACT.

“All Canberrans should look forward to the commemorations on ANZAC Day marking 100 years since the landing of our troops at Gallipoli and 100 years of proud military service in war, peacekeeping and at home,” Mr Hanson concluded.