Auditor Criticises Every Aspect Of Management Of Parking In Canberra

The Auditor-General has criticised the ACT Government’s management of the city’s parking, said Alistair Coe, Shadow Minister for Urban Services.

The Auditor-General’s report confirms what Canberrans see on a daily basis:

  • There is no clear strategy for the provision of parking
  • The coin machines are inconvenient for consumers
  • Parking machines should accept ‘coins and notes, credit cards and electronic payment methods’
  • Coin operated parking machines are ‘unreliable’ and cost the Government $1m per year

“Despite the Government establishing a committee to implement credit card parking machines, three years later, there have been no improvements,” said Mr Coe.

“The report demonstrates that the Government does not consider parking as an important issue for Canberrans.

“Rather than treating the provision of parking as a core business of a local Government, the ACT Government simply sees parking as a way to gouge Canberrans.

“The ACT Government needs to offer a better service for Canberrans who pay up to $135 in coins per fortnight to park,” concluded Mr Coe.