An Auditor-General’s report released today has found the facilities management contract worth tens of millions of dollars annually for ACT public housing hasn’t been properly managed by the government, Shadow Minister for Housing Nicole Lawder said today.

“This report shows that Housing ACT and the Community Services Directorate’s management of the Total Facilities Management contract is ‘not fully effective’. This is concerning given that this contract is valued at $48 million a year, and is one of the ACT government’s biggest ongoing contracts,” Ms Lawder said.

“The report has also found that:

“Importantly, work order audits undertaken by Spotless have been problematic and Housing and Community Services has not enforced the necessary and required standard for these audits” Pg1-2

“Housing and Community Services has no visibility over the reviews undertaken by Spotless’ Works Supervisors for checking that work orders have been completed” Pg 5

“Current reporting does not provide Housing and Community Services with adequate visibility over Spotless’ Work Supervisors inspections of works undertaken by Spotless or its sub-contractors” Pg 6

“I often receive complains from public housing tenants about the quality and timeliness of maintenance of public housing properties. The Minister needs make sure proper management is in place to ensure effective outcomes for residents and efficient management of the assets,” Ms Lawder concluded.