Andrew Barr and ACT Labor need to apologise to Canberrans for deceitful and grubby campaigning, by distributing fake medicare cards with dishonest messages. It’s a jump back to the tactics of Labor during the Federal campaign and Andrew Barr needs to apologise, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson said today.

“In addition to the dishonesty, the fake cards have been called out by The Australian Government Solicitor for improper use of the Medicare logo and ACT Labor has been forced to cease distributing the material,” Mr Hanson said.

“Andrew Barr should apologise to the staff at Human Services for this abuse of the independence of the Public Service and to the people of Canberra for this deceptive and deceitful campaign.

“Just a day after the Greens’ Shane Rattenbury and ACT Labor predictably teamed up to mount a hollow attack on the Canberra Liberals; ACT Labor has been caught out for the lowest of campaign acts.

“Where is Shane Rattenbury now? Will he condemn these despicable campaign tactics by his coalition partner?

“Andrew Barr needs to take responsibility for this. This scandal is symptomatic of the appalling lack of honesty and integrity of ACT Labor under his leadership,” Mr Hanson concluded.